May there always be an Angel by your side..

I have always connected with Angels from a very young age, without really realising what they are.

After being drawn to attend an Angel Therapy Practitioner course in Buxton I was awakened to how powerful and beautiful they are. I learnt how to bring them in to each and every one of our lives, making our life journey that little bit clearer and more magical. 

Each of us are on our own unique life path, with many factors & experiences affecting it.

Through Angel Therapy I can help release any fears you have surrounding your life and your past experiences; empowering you to truly connect with your truest self, living life feeling content & happy. 

Working with the Angels brings love & light into your life. It is powerful & transformative, yet completely safe. Let go of your fears and allow the Angels to bring you a life full of fulfilment we all truly deserve! 

Angel Therapy is a gentle, self-empowering hands on healing treatment. 


Angel Therapy can help to increase energy levels, reduce stress, overcome fears, improve health challenges and give comfort in times of need. 

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