Deep Tissue Massage

Full body or back massage. This works at a deeper level than most massages, focusing on your tension areas and knot busting. I use a form of Thai deep tissue which is slow paced and very deep. I always work with the client to find their perfect level of pressure.

Swedish Massage

Full body or back massage. This is for you if you want a massage for relaxation. It works on the soft tissues and helps flush away those toxins with long, slow strokes. A light to medium pressure is applied.

Pregnancy Massage

Tailored to you from head to toe. Ultimate relaxation for those puffy feet and aching back. A quick consultation is given on your first session finding out how the pregnancy is going, we then discuss the problem areas and I tailor the massage to you. Benefits include: easing lower back pain, releasing swollen ankles & hands, soothing carpal tunnel, allowing you to completely switch off and relax

Holistic Massage

Full body or back massage. Healing and nuturing. This is a mixture of massage and Reiki. Pick a massage from the above and a 30min Reiki session is added. This will leave you feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. A lovely gift for someone or a perfect indulgence for yourself!

Head Massage

By itself or can be included into another one of the massages. This is perfect for releasing tension headaches and achy necks. A facial massage is also included. Head massage is also beneficial for stimulating hair growth. I like to use Frankincense oil, but this can be performed without oil if preferred.

Hot Stone Massage

Using volcanic stones to warm the muslces. Can be used with a deep tissue massage or a lighter massage.

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