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Soapstone has calming properties.

I have been using it with Theo to start introducing a moment of calm in the whirlwind of toddler mayhem (he's 2).


I introduced the wolf to him, (he also has a soapstone dinosaur), and told him this is his special crystal, and to keep him safe. He holds it in his hands and cuddles him 🥺 (unbelievably cute). I showed him to take some deep breaths holding the crystal to his heart. Most nights we do this ritual and he then places it under his pillow. To keep each other safe.


How much of it he really understands yet, I am not sure! But he absolutely loves this task, and it is teaching him empathy towards the dinosaur and to care & nurture for it.


I feel like it we can try and start teaching our little ones to breathe in crystal energy young.. to find a moment of calm..imagine how much of a natural part of life it will be for them 😍


Of course.. toddlers and children are unpredictable and some nights, not even a giant Amethyst geode would be big enough to calm him (..and me 👀) 🤣

But we do what we can, when the time feels right.. and little by little we are helping them create important tools for their life ahead 💚


Cleansed & charged with Reiki before sending.


Alice x

Soapstone Wolf

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