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Mother to a toddler, and a furbaby called Yoda. (currently on maternity leave with babe no2).

My mission is to help you to remember just how magic you are. 

I started my career as a dancer and singer, doing various jobs alongside auditioning and gigging around London.

I have always been spiritually connected -  when I was a child I would be playing with the Fairies in the garden, being taken to their world, talking to Angels without realising this wasn't the "norm" So naturally as I got older, I pushed this away.

I started suffering from anxiety and panic attacks in my early 20s from feeling overwhelmed. This then lead me down the self healing journey and I received Reiki & Spiritual Healing from a friend, which made me connect with that part of myself again. From that moment I knew this was what I was meant to do, to help people re connect with the lost part of themselves, to not be afraid to see the magic in life, and to bring back contentment & balance.

I studied massage therapy and Reiki 10 years ago and then studied various types of other healing modalities such as crystal healing, experiencing a whirlwind of a self healing journey!

My offerings include Massage, Reiki, Reiki Teaching (Level 1, Level 2 and Reiki Master), Crystal Healing, Angelic and Faery Readings and Soul Plan Readings.


I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves. My job is to hold space for you, to use my gifts to help you re connect with your higher self, remember your sacred knowledge and support you spiritually on your path.


In March 2020 I started to sell crystals, and my handmade cedarwood crystal shelves online. I absolutely love sharing my passion for crystals with you all!


I host a variety of workshops, women's circles & retreat days, including 'An Introduction To Crystals' and 'Wild Witch: reclaim your power, and 'Connect With The Magic Of The Faeries'

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Gorgeous flower crown handmade by my beautiful friend:

Shanice - @flowersandthefolk

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