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Here is a selection of crystals I have put together to help you on your journey through birth 💫

I held my selenite in my hand pretty much the whole way through birth last time!

✨️ Selenite - one of the highest vibrational crystals helping to raise your energetic vibration

🌹 Quartz - helping you keep that oxytocin, love hormone topped up

☀️ Citrine - filling your solar plexus with sunshine, Goddess energy to empower you! YOU GOT THIS!

🌱 Moss Agate - traditionally known as 'the midwives stone' this helps ground and connects you to mother earth energy and is said to offer pain relief.

I am looking forward to using one of these this time around!

You could set these crystals up in a grid in your birth space, or keep them close to you and intuitively select which one needed in that moment 🫶🏼


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