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☆ Crystals For Pregnancy ☆

These beauties have been helping me on my journey!

RED JASPER: When feeling nauseous, your energy is higher in the body ❤️ This crystal helps to ground you relieving nausea and sickness - I suffered a lot with this in the first 19 weeks of pregnancy, and having red Jasper on me helped me so much 🥹

CARNELIAN: connecting you to your sacral chakra - the chakra surrounding your baby 🧡

This amazing crystal can relieve lower back pain around your sacral (something I am experiencing a lot right now!). Place it around your lower back when laying or sitting, or keep it on you.

MOONSTONE: Full of divine feminine energy ✨️ helping to connect you to that Goddess energy! Also synced with the moon, helping you move through each phase of pregnancy 🌓 Spend a few moments closing your eyes, connecting to your womb space & baby, taking some deep breaths, and feeling the energy of this crystal empowering you.

AMETHYST: This crystal works for calming the nervous system & pregnancy insomnia. Soothing any pregnancy anxiety you may be feeling. It's not all sunshine and rainbows, it's ok to be nervous and have intrusive thoughts pop up. Have this under your pillow to ease the mind when drifting off to sleep.

It also helps soothe headaches if placed on the forehead 💜

CRYSTAL KIT: Pregnancy

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