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Reiki School

Welcome to Reiki School with Alice Foley Fae.

Based in Surrey and Hampton, UK.


It is my absolute passion to help people find the power of self healing.

To help you connect to the power you hold with you, through awakening your innate connection to Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy.)


Each group of souls are always destined to meet and learn with each other.

Making friendships and soul connections for lifetimes.


The transformation witnessed through learning Reiki is beautiful. I love it, I love it, I love it!


Having this incredible tool to use in daily life helps support your growth and awakens you to a collective connection, bringing you into the moment with a sense of calm.

Join  is for you if you would like to begin or deepen your spiritual self practice 


My Story

I trained in Reiki in 2012, after experiencing some incredible and transformative Reiki treatments for my anxiety. I have been practicing Reiki professionally for 10 years and teaching for 3 years.

My life, spirit and mind totally awakened after taking my Reiki 1. It brought a greater meaning to life, deeper connections with myself and others. A reaffirming of my soul.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't an overnight enlightenment!

In fact, life became a bit more painful and uncomfortable in those weeks and months after the course, as old and new wounds bubbled to the surface to be faced and healed. When I look back I realised I had to go through those darker experiences to be the healer I am today.


I have since spent years of self practice, self work by reading, learning various forms of meditation, researching, studying other forms of energy work, crystals - learning as much as I can through various life experiences.


I have had periods where I have embraced Reiki in my life everyday.. had enlightening moments.. crazy synchronicites and jaw dropping moments with clients.. however, there's also been long periods in my early days where I pushed Reiki away.. I felt like I didn't want to connect with source anymore, I doubted my connection or I wanted to find others ways of connecting. I felt annoyed, irritable, "over it" - again, this is all a part of the learning journey.


When I decided to take the step to teach Reiki, it brought a whole new dimension to my love for it. It is such a privilege to witness my students journeys. To see the magic come alive. To help them open up to the infinite power and universal love that is all around us. To help them to understand its not "all positive vibes!" And that's ok. Its all part of your path.


I like to teach my students how to take responsibility for their own healing journey. As a reiki practitioner you are there to hold a safe space, being fully connected to yourself, centered, shining a light on what needs to surface, be felt, be expressed or released.

Your spiritual journey is yours. I am here to guide, to share my experience for you to take all you so need, to create a path of your own.

Weekend Training

My teachings take place over a weekend. I have carefully created these courses to guide you through a deeply transformative journey. 

Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 2

Reiki Master & Teacher

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